Join US: Lets Workout Together Read more

Join US: Lets Workout Together

PLEASE NOTE: The next session will be Tuesday Oct 25th there will NOT be a session on Oct 27th.  Comments or questions to [email protected]

Interested in becoming part of CrossFit Fort Meade? That’s awesome! Sure we’re biased, but we know CF programming and our trainers are the quickest, safest way to get you to your fitness goals. The community at CFFM will support and encourage as you train.

Join us for the workout with cathe friedrich at cathe live page here.

As with all CF boxes we are not like a globo-gym (Bally’s, LA Fitness) – more like a martial arts dojo or gymnastic studio. Our workouts are done in groups; you’ll very rarely if ever work alone. Our certified trainers will teach the movements and standards of the workout

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Best Shoes For CrossFit Training: The Ultimate Guide For 2015 Read more

Best Shoes For CrossFit Training: The Ultimate Guide For 2015

shoes (2)Shoes may be the most important little bit of gear you can buy for CrossFit.

This helpful manual can help you choose the very best set.

So, do not know shoe ideal for CrossFit?

In the sticking to sentences we’re starting supplied by a really little in history, surveying the critical qualities any training footwear suitable for CrossFit should have.

Then we’ll commence review of the extremely best shoes, searching around the really 5 best athletic shoes for CrossFit for 2015 that will help you find out the shoe that really assist the most inside your WOD.

The way to select the very best Shoes for CrossFit

One of the primary benefits of CrossFit, will it be includes various activities and measures.

Athletes have distinct requires using their shoes for … Read More